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Marriage Proposals Chicago Style!

by Johanna Nauraine


Guys - this one’s for you! Are you looking for a new way to propose to the woman in your life? Check out this list of exceptional locations for popping the question.

  1. History has it! Chicago has some of the best museums in the world. Any one of them can provide hundreds of funny or spectacular locations where you can pop the question. How about taking in a show at the Adler Planetarium. While you’re watching the twinkling lights on the ceiling lean over and whisper, “Hon,’ I’ve got a little star for you.” Then show her that carefully chosen ring you’ve been waiting to give her. Hopefully she won’t scream and disrupt the other patrons but on the other hand you will have a lot of well-wishers!

  2. If you’re a Hyde Park resident, how about proposing at “The Point” - the eastern most edge of the part district park at 55th Street. In summer you can sit on the rocks and watch the sailboats skim across the water, feel the wind in your hair, the sun on your skin and look at that blue blue sky overhead. Ask her if she will share all her summers with you.

  3. Pizza! Deep dish or thin crust? Gino’s, Edwardo’s, Connie’s or your favorite neighborhood pizza pub? Order your usual pie and when it arrives say – “Babe, I brought a special topping just for you!” Whip out that beautiful ring and pop the question right there!

  4. Fest-up! Chicago is famous for – or should I say infamous for – its local food and neighborhood festivals. Whether you love huge events like The Taste of Chicago, the 4th of July Fireworks, the Venetian Festival, the Old Town Arts Fair, Around the Coyote or your annual neighborhood shindig – these fun, festive events might provide the perfect celebratory atmosphere you’re looking for when you’re ready to propose to your special girl.

  5. Waterworks! How about taking a Lake Michigan cruise on The Odyssey, or charter a sailboat from Monroe harbor to Mackinac Island. There’s nothing like the sound of waves lapping against the side of a boat to make you feel like all is right with the world – especially if she’s with you!

  6. U Spoke it! Take a bike ride from North Avenue Beach to Navy Pier. Ride the Ferris wheel and watch the fireworks . That’s what they mean when they say, “sparks fly.”

  7. Cinema Paradise! Drive-in movie theaters are almost extinct but Cascade Drive-in theater is at 28W 741 North Avenue in West Chicago. There’s nothing quite so cozy as popcorn, soft drinks and viewing a larger than life movie screen with piped in sound from the comfort of your car. Create your own drama by asking her to marry you in a setting that has romance written all over it.

  8. Room with a View. While the John Hancock observatory is a popular place for proposals, there is also the wonderful rooftop deck at the Park Hyatt’s Nomi Garden or the Trump Tower’s outdoor terrace. In winter, the Four Season’s Lounge has a roaring fireplace and live jazz to put you in the mood to get engaged.

  9. Relax! Urban Oasis is one of Chicago’s most popular spas. How about planning a day of spa treatments for the two of you followed by dinner at one of the area restaurants. Nothing like starting your engagement with a little pampering and relaxation. The months ahead will be busy with wedding preparations. Before heading into this often frenetic period take a time out. Once you’re in the midst of wedding crazies you’ll look back on it and remember how easy and relaxed everything seemed.

  10. Sky high. More and more people are taking sky diving lessons. This popular and somewhat extreme sport has a huge following. You can propose to her right before both of you jump out of the plane. Confronting your fears about getting married will seem like a piece of cake after the terror of sky diving. If the two of you can do this you can do anything, right?

Guys and gals - if you're already engaged let me know where and how your proposal occurred! I'd love to pass along your interesting, creative and/or outrageous experiences to my readers.

Copyright Johanna Nauraine, 2011