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Chicago Psychotherapy:

Chicago psychotherapist offers Chicago premarital counseling and Chicago women’s divorce counseling

Welcome to Johanna's Couch

I’ve been a psychotherapist in Chicago for more than 30 years. My Chicago psychotherapy services include premarital counseling for engaged couples, marriage counseling for couples who are experiencing relationship challenges, women’s divorce counseling, individual psychotherapy and career coaching with Chicago executives. I’ve helped literally hundreds of men and women, individuals and couples accomplish their relationship, career and life goals. I’m glad you decided to visit and learn more about my practice.

Chicago Psychotherapy and Premarital Counseling

Premarital counseling and education is the best safeguard I know for building and preserving a healthy marriage. My approach combines straightforward teaching with traditional psychotherapy.

Premarital counseling and Chicago psychotherapy services are for couples who:

  • Are contemplating marriage or who are engaged
  • Wish to build a strong foundation for their future life together
  • Are open and committed to understanding themselves and each other

Chicago Psychotherapy and Women’s Divorce Counseling

Throughout my career I’ve been committed to improving the lives of women. My divorce counseling services are designed to help women in troubled marriages make good decisions about how to best protect themselves and their children.

Women’s divorce counseling and Chicago psychotherapy services are appropriate for:

  • Wive’s of alcoholics
  • Women who are separated
  • Women who are contemplating divorce

Chicago Psychotherapy and Marriage Counseling

Marriages experience varying stresses depending on which stage they are in relative to the family life cycle. Marriage counseling and psychotherapy helps couples develop skills that improve their relationship and increase emotional satisfaction.

My marriage counseling and Chicago psychotherapy services are designed for:

  • Couples who are committed to their relationship.
  • Couples who would like to feel closer to one another.
  • Couples who are frustrated by repetitive, unresolved conflict.

Chicago Individual Psychotherapy

My approach to individual psychotherapy combines traditional techniques of empathic listening with action-oriented, goal focused interventions. My Chicago psychotherapy practice has a special emphasis on women’s issues.

Individual psychotherapy is appropriate for:

  • Women with health concerns.
  • Those who’ve suffered a loss
  • New mothers or women in midlife
  • Individuals who grew up in alcoholic families
  • People who are struggling with romantic relationships
  • Men and women who have symptoms of anxiety or depression

My Commitment

If you decide to work with me, you'll find that I'm persistent but patient, challenging but affirming; someone who keeps you moving forward. I don't have a one-size-fits all approach so, in many instances, I will assign homework that's especially designed for you. The results from that homework will provide both of us with important information that we can use to design our next step.